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Video: Top 5 Things Startup Founders Must Know About International Entrepreneur Parole

Watch Sophie’s video to learn all about the newly final International Entrepreneur Rule, a wonderful parting gift to Silicon Valley from President Obama’s administration.  Now startup founders are eligible for International Entrepreneur

What Does Trump on 60 Minutes Mean for Immigrants?

Today President Elect Donald Trump appeared on 60 Minutes and was interviewed by Lesley Stahl. He spoke about immigration reform and said that it is one of his top three legislative priorities,

What Will Trump Do To Immigrants?

Learn from Sophie Alcorn about the future of immigration law and whether Trump’s proposed policies are actually workable. Sophie discusses the wall, islamophobia, H-1Bs, the International Entrepreneur Rule for startup founders in

International Entrepreneur Rule: Great News for Trailing Spouses

Trailing spouses are eligible to apply for work authorization under the proposed International Entrepreneur Rule, one of the rule’s major benefits. The proposed International Entrepreneur Rule is currently in a public comment

Text of Proposed International Entrepreneur Rule

The International Entrepreneur Rule has not yet been published in the Federal Register.  However, I’ve extracted the text from the proposed rule from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Once the rule

Startup Visa Announced

President Obama revealed signs of new regulations today aimed at helping startup founders have a new legal pathway to living in the US. Under this new proposal, investors, researchers and entrepreneurs who will

Need to return 3-Year Work Permit?

Are you a DACA recipient?  Did you get a 3-year EAD (Employment Authorization Document), or work permit, that was issued after February 16, 2015?  If so, you are required to return it

How Can an H4 Spouse Get an EAD Work Permit?

If you are an H4 spouse of an H-1B skilled worker currently residing in the US, you might now be eligible for a work permit (Employment Authorization Document, or EAD).  This is