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International Entrepreneur Rule ANNOUNCED

This morning the White House announced the “startup visa,” which is formally called the International Entrepreneur Rule.  You can find the 155-page text of the proposed rule here.  The White House explains

China & India Cut Off from EB-1 Green Cards

Some of the brightest minds and talent from China and India will be temporarily cut off from a green card option known for its swift processing time and allows individuals to live and

Startup Visa Announced

President Obama revealed signs of new regulations today aimed at helping startup founders have a new legal pathway to living in the US. Under this new proposal, investors, researchers and entrepreneurs who will

Blanket L Petition

If you are an employer who frequently petitions to transfer employees from your multinational offices to the US as managers, executives, or individuals with specialized knowledge, you might consider a Blanket L

Executives and Managers can get L1-A Visas

If your company has at least two offices, one in the U.S. and one abroad, your company might be able to petition for an executive or manager to be transferred to the U.S.