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Video: Top 5 Things Startup Founders Must Know About International Entrepreneur Parole

Watch Sophie’s video to learn all about the newly final International Entrepreneur Rule, a wonderful parting gift to Silicon Valley from President Obama’s administration.  Now startup founders are eligible for International Entrepreneur

Startup Green Card: EB-2 NIW Dhanasar

There are a lot of reasons to consider getting a green card through an EB-2 National Interest Waiver (EB-2 NIW).  With Matter of Dhanasar, it’s a lot easier to get for startup founders

Most Immigration Application Fees Set to Jump in December: Apply Now!

Get your visa or green card applications in now—or get ready to pay more. On December 23, 2016, the application fees for most U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms will increase—21%

China & India Cut Off from EB-1 Green Cards

Some of the brightest minds and talent from China and India will be temporarily cut off from a green card option known for its swift processing time and allows individuals to live and

Ongoing Changes to STEM OPT

You may have heard in the news about challenges to the STEM OPT program. OPT is Optional Practical Training. It is a way for F-1 students to work in the US to

Blanket L Petition

If you are an employer who frequently petitions to transfer employees from your multinational offices to the US as managers, executives, or individuals with specialized knowledge, you might consider a Blanket L

Top 9 Immigration Mistakes to Avoid

Although some people would like to save money by doing immigration paperwork on their own, here are some things that could go wrong: Getting the Status Wrong.  Sometimes it can be really

How Can an H4 Spouse Get an EAD Work Permit?

If you are an H4 spouse of an H-1B skilled worker currently residing in the US, you might now be eligible for a work permit (Employment Authorization Document, or EAD).  This is