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Sophie Alcorn Named to Global Entrepreneur-In-Residence Advisory Committee

BY IN Immigration On May 10, 2017

The Global Entrepreneur-In-Residence Coalition (Global EIR) has named Sophie Alcorn to its Legal Advisory Committee.

Global EIR is a nonprofit network of entrepreneurs, investors, and universities. Established in 2015, the organization helps international entrepreneurs remain and build their companies in the U.S. Global EIR partners international founders with universities, mentors, investors, and cities. That partnership enables founders to remain in the U.S. to create jobs and contribute to local economies.

For example, San Jose State University, one Global EIR’s partners, is currently looking for 10 immigrant entrepreneurs to start or grow their business in the Silicon Valley.

Alcorn has been featured in the New York Times and other news media around the globe for her expertise on U.S. immigration policy and issues facing Silicon Valley. Alcorn founded Alcorn Immigration Law in Mountain View in 2015. Since then, the Alcorn Immigration Law team has successfully handled hundreds of immigration cases for investors, established and venture-backed companies, entrepreneurs, and families.

Alcorn is excited about working with Global EIR to enable international entrepreneurs to create and build their companies and create jobs in the U.S.

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