Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that it’s scary to put your life in America into somebody else’s hands. I am reliable, trustworthy, intelligent, and kind. If I don’t know the answer to your question off the top of my head, I’ll do the legal research to figure it out and let you know the answer. I have practiced immigration law since 2008 and I am the daughter of an immigration lawyer, so it runs in my blood. I have helped hundreds of clients successfully earn the right to stay in the United States.
You can call, text, email or Skype me and I’m available to meet with you in Mountain View, Palo Alto, or at your own office in the vicinity.
My aim is to get your immigration documents filed in a timely, efficient manner, meeting any deadlines. Once your case is in the government’s hands, I have less control over the timing. I will keep you updated about developments in your case and I encourage you to call, email me, or text me if you have any questions.
Lots of people file their own immigration paperwork, and sometimes, they are successful. But this is a risky route. Immigration law is really, really complicated. A lot depends on your specific situation and it can be hard to figure out what to do. Hiring an immigration lawyer takes the stress out of the situation for you because you’ll feel confident that everything is being handled competently. Having an attorney can prevent mistakes and reduces delays and back-and-forths with the government. However, if you have already filed your own paperwork and you’ve run into problems, I’m available to try to help set the situation right.