Immigration Law for Founders, Talent and Investors.

The Alcorn Immigration Law Team

Everyone’s immigration issue is unique, and the Alcorn Immigration Law team treats every client that way.

Sophie Alcorn founded this boutique immigration law firm in Mountain View, Calif., in 2015, to provide personalized service to individuals, families, and companies in Silicon Valley. Our clients range from startups to multinational companies, artists to high net-worth investors.

We know how intimidating and frustrating it can be to deal with the ins and outs of U.S. immigration, particularly if English isn’t your native language. (Our team speaks more than 10 different languages.) We hope our personalized attention, responsiveness, open and honest communication style, and enterprising approach will make you feel as though you are our one-and-only client and that we’ve got you covered—because we do.



Founding Attorney

I’m a native Californian, who grew up in Southern California and first came to Silicon Valley to attend Stanford University. I’ve been practicing immigration law since 2008, handling hundreds of cases. I have experience with both U.S. business immigration and family-based immigration law, with particular expertise in immigration options for startups, specialized workers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

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Associate Attorney

I have experience with green card applications, work permits, non-immigrant visas, and naturalization. I have assisted companies through the H-1B visa process and subsequent H-1B extensions/transfers. I have handled deportation and asylum cases pro bono at Alcorn Immigration Law and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara.

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Legal Clerk

I immigrated to San Jose, Calif., with my family at the age of 7 due to the political turmoil in Iraq, where my family was living at the time. My family waited more than 13 years to receive our green cards. I feel a connection to clients looking to come to the U.S. due to my immigration experience. I pursued immigration law to help those who want to have the same opportunities I have in the U.S.

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Director, South Asia

I’ve lived and worked in California for the past decade as a consultant to entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. I help clients devise business and organizational solutions and strategies for raising capital. I find the challenge of creating new businesses and making them successful both exhilarating and gratifying.

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Office Manager

I joined the Alcorn Immigration Law team in June 2016 after graduating from Smith College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I ensure that the daily operations of the office run smoothly.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking and traveling and exploring with my friends and family.